Atlas Furniture Asia partners with world-class craftsmen to deliver the best value furniture (specializing in bed frames) to manufacturers & wholesale customers (including large retail chains) worldwide.

A Message From Peter M. Brobyn, Director (APAC)

Peter M. Brobyn - Director, Asia Region, Atlas Furniture Asia Ltd. It will be 10 years since we opened our Hong Kong company next year, and what a decade it’s been! So many things in the world have changed, from climate change to plastic pollution in our oceans, from conflicts around the world to this seemingly never-ending pandemic.

The things that haven’t changed are our belief in what we do as a company, the way we look after our people, the way we treat our suppliers and the passion we have for our customers and the products they buy from us.

Our strategy for 2019 – 2021 has remained unwavered, as we take a long-term view of our company trajectory. After cuts and layoffs, we have reduced our work-force by 90% due to the huge shift in the industry (and the wider world).

Another big push for us in recent times has (like many of you out there) to reevaluate how we work, communicate, report and drive growth across our business, improving documents, procedures, systems, training, people, vision and communications – including, but not limited to our current website. I trust you will enjoy learning more about us here today.



We are not hiring at this time.

When my wife Da and I started Atlas 10 years ago, we agreed upon our ultimate quality goal, (which still stands today) of .0001% complaints. Hiring the right staff allows us to grow sustainably, whilst maintaining that target.

The onset of the pandemic hit us as Da and I were in England, visiting customers and spending Christmas with our UK family. This has resulted in us being unable to return to China since the end of 2019 which has had an obvious and huge impact on our company. We are pleased to see that the I.T. systems that we have been investing in over the last few years paid dividends, and we were able to continue completely remotely with teams in England, Thailand (where my wife and I are now based for the time being) and our operational base (which remained operational until its close) in South China.

This has allowed us to put in place a completely new documentation, process and communication system within our company. 60% of the systems are already finalised and running within our company and across our supply chain.

All of our manufacturing suppliers have signed our new anti-slavery policy and our commitment to EUTR compliant wood.


All our factories have signed up to our Supplier Honesty Agreement, which explicitly bans anyone who works with Atlas to receive any gratuities for anything, whether for accepting a quality problem, or introducing a new factory that will result in financial gain. This is a zero-tolerance agreement that also extends to our staff and everyone involved knows that we will act immediately and conclusively if this happen with ALL parties involved, ending relationships with Atlas and potential legal action where appropriate.

I have worked in Asia for over 30 years. I have seen so many Quality Control Inspectors walk into a factory, have their expenses paid by the factory when their employer already pays (double-dipping), take their long lunches and then receive their red envelope and go home. They never even look at the product.

I know QC’s that own 4 houses because of this. When it all goes wrong, the factory doesn’t care – there is always another customer waiting for their product.

Well I do care. This is why every QC we use is employed by us directly. We vet them and train them – they are our people.

Quality comes first, service second only to quality and price after that. Most of the suppliers we have worked with over the past decade became our closest friends. We take on (in most cases) their entire production, as a core responsibility of Atlas. They care about us and we care about them. They are our friends and partners.

New ‘Countryside’ Collection

'Countryside' Collection wooden beds and bunks We have been working on our new ‘Countryside’ collection of over 30 new and existing bed frames, including bunk beds, gas-lift storage beds, captains beds – all made from pine, oak, ash and a number of new wood species including a new recycled wood range.

All are available as a natural stain or finish, or the popular, new & exciting painted colours. We have adopted a new solid wood slat, with 120mm * 25mm-wide wood on all new ‘Signature’ ‘Countryside’ collection products and improvements on all our original wood products. Our popular SuperValue range continues to sell very well.

All the ‘Countryside’ collection is made entirely in Vietnam – a country we have worked in for many years but never really had anyone on the ground.

Signature Collection 'SuperValue' range

More New Products

'City' sofa bedsWe have introduced a new ‘City’ collection of sofa beds – this will be completed by Autumn 2020 and will be full of many exciting new products, as well as our best-selling sofa beds.

Sofa beds were a main-stay of our business for the very start in China, for many years we were supplying some of the largest companies in the UK and Germany. Around 5 years ago, growth in orders in the standard and gas-lift bed ranges meant that we migrated away away from sofa beds around 5 years ago now. Now is the perfect time to introduce again, re-branded, new styles with exciting new fabrics.


Shenzhen, Guangdong, China We have some of the hardest trading terms I have seen in 43 years of being in this great business that I love so much, but NEVER have I ever seen so much opportunity out there in the market.

2019 we opened new sales showrooms in Xiamen. We opened a new office for up to 25-30 people, with 10 full-time staff already on payroll. This has since been wound-down.

Past & Future

In 2015, we set out a new 5-year business plan, which set out what as a company we wanted to achieve by the year 2020. It included, how our brand would influence the market place, which we exceeded.

To build a team of people who could work and achieve our sales and quality goals, build and implement infrastructures across our operations i.e. in our offices, showrooms (UK & China) plus manufacturing partners, attend & exhibit at world-class exhibitions in China, Vietnam & the UK – we exceeded all these goals.

To build our products and our customer base, supplying products to over 24 different countries, if you are not one of our customers and would like to join the Atlas family simply start with your enquiry or write to me personally and I will be happy to respond. Alternatively complete the contact form on our new website, or start a live chat with one of my staff.

Our New 10 Year Plan

This is really very simple: To build on the past history of our company, never forgetting our goals: QUALITY, SERVICE & VALUE and grow by using the best people in the industry, build the best quality products we can, for the price you pay and offer the best service in the industry.

We commit to embracing the latest technologies possible, partnering with world class-craftsmen to deliver the best value furniture (specializing in bed frames and mattresses) to manufacturers & wholesale customers worldwide – that is, after all, our company mission.

Atlas Furniture Asia partners with world-class craftsmen to deliver the best value furniture (specializing in bed frames) to manufacturers & wholesale customers (including large retail chains) worldwide.

Mr & Mrs Brobyn
Peter Brobyn and Da Brobyn – Your Perfect Partners
Da & I want to thank every single person who has supported Atlas Furniture Asia since we started all those years ago, would like to thank all the suppliers we have and are working with and most of all my truly amazing team who we have the pleasure of working with every day – thank you.

To those who want to join the Atlas effort, please do not hesitate in contacting me. Whether you are a factory looking to work with us, a customer looking for a great product at a really low price, or someone looking to join our staff, let’s talk.

Start your journey, look around the web site and we hope you enjoy your experience. If you have something you want to add, don’t hesitate in giving us your feedback – you will see the links all over.

We guarantee every single one of our products to ensure your total satisfaction.

“Your satisfaction is our Passion”

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