The Atlas Furniture Asia Sales Team

Peter Brobyn
Director (APAC)

Peter is an inspirational leader and a world-class sales professional.

His dedication to high-quality products, competitive pricing and VIP customer service is surpassed only by his innovative thinking in order to get a solution to any given problem.

Job Title: Director (APAC)

Peter M. Brobyn - Atlas Furniture International - Director, APAC / 常务董事 - vCard QR Code - scan to save to your phone contacts

Chidsuda 'Da' Brobyn
Owner (CN)

Chisuda Brobyn is one of the Owners of Atlas Furniture Asia leading the charge and attending to daily needs of her staff.

As well as being the Owner, 'Da' heads up the finance team, cross-checking and making sure all payments are processed and recorded in a timely manner preventing any delays from the customer to our factories.

Mrs Brobyn has a keen eye for detail, always making sure that Atlas Furniture Asia delivers a world-class service and an industry-leading product.

Job Title: Owner / 公司所有者

Chidsuda Brobyn  - Atlas Furniture International - Owner / 公司所有者 - vCard QR Code - scan to save to your phone contacts
Vivian Deng / 邓美玲
Executive Assistant (HK / CN)

Vivi is at the core of Atlas Furniture Asia, supporting Mr Brobyn with much of the daily operations. Vivi has been with Atlas Furniture Asia for 4 years now, gaining a wealth of knowledge along the way.

Her top 3 areas of expertise are supporting the Directors, pricing structure and administration of our China subsidiary.

Vivi also supports the finance team when needed, arranging salaries, payments to factories and expenses.

Job Title: Executive Assistant / 董事总经理个人助理

Vivi Deng 邓美玲 - Atlas Furniture International - Executive Assistant / 董事总经理个人助理 - vCard QR Code - scan to save to your phone contacts

Angela Lyu / 吕珊
Account Manager (CN)

Angela's job is to follow the order from start to finish, liaising with customers, suppliers and our QC team to ensure timely and accurate delivery.

Angela always goes the extra mile - diligently checking that all the paperwork is correct before sending it out.

She is always willing to put in the hours needed to make sure our Clients' expectations and needs are met.

Job Title: Accounts Manager / 客户经理

Angela Lyu 吕珊 - Atlas Furniture International - Accounts Manager / 客户经理 - vCard QR Code - scan to save to your phone contacts
Fay Qiu / 仇飞
Account Manager (CN)

Fay's duties include handling our multi-national accounts.

Fay's care and attention is second-to-none and her lovely smile always brightens up everyone's day.

Ms Qiu's top 3 jobs include handling orders from start-to-finish, negotiating with suppliers and order administration.

Job Title: Accounts Manager / 客户经理

Fay Qiu 仇飞 - Atlas Furniture International - Accounts Manager / 客户经理 - vCard QR Code - scan to save to your phone contacts
William Wu / 吴吉祥
Account Manager (CN)

William brings a wealth of experience in the furniture industry having spent 8 years working as an account manager and a sales manager. William has Co-worked with large international companies such as Homedepot, Costco and Tradepoint.

Due to our expanding business William has been bought in to support our staff in the office with there current workloads. William will soon be taking on new customers and helping with current customers. William will be located in our Head Office in Longgang.

Job Title: Accounts Manager / 客户经理
Steven Zou / 邹麒
Quality Control Manager (CN)

Steven has a long experience in the furniture industry in QC Management and is currently based in Longgang.

Steven will be supervising our QC team and overseeing product development procedures to ensure that Atlas products meet quality and efficiency standards for our customers.

Job Title: QC Manager / 品质管理
Eric Guo / 郭森林
Quality Engineer (CN)

Eric is our main Quality Engineer. He has great knowledge on all our products, he is a self-taught CAD designer and is always willing to push himself to gain more experience in the field.

Eric's 3 main duties are maintaining technical documents, auditing suppliers and making sure all products go out, as per our samples and specification sheets

Job Title: Quality Engineer / 质量工程师

Eric Guo 郭森林 - Atlas Furniture International - Quality Engineer / 质量工程师 - vCard QR Code - scan to save to your phone contacts
John Qin / 覃章辉
Quality Control (CN)

John is one of our most experienced Quality Control workers, always punctual and has a keen eye for catching flaws in our products so as to make sure the issue gets re-worked, so that our customer receives a perfect product.

Job Title: QC / 工厂质量控制

John Qin 覃章辉 - Atlas Furniture International - QC / 工厂质量控制 - vCard QR Code - scan to save to your phone contacts
King Wang / 王祥明
Quality Control (CN)

King is also a very experienced QC, starting with Atlas in 2018.

King is a very hard worker, always working with the factory on ways we can improve our product for our customers.

Mr Wang is proactive at preventing any issues with our products.

Job Title: QC / 工厂质量控制

King Wang 王祥明 - Atlas Furniture International - QC / 工厂质量控制 - vCard QR Code - scan to save to your phone contacts
Smith Qiu / 邱秀平
Quality Control (CN)

Smith is one of our most experienced QC's whilst he has not been with Atlas for a long time, Smith has over 17 years of experience as a QC in the furniture industry. 

Working in the quality department, Smiths main duties are to Inspect every production process (Incoming Inspection cutting, sewing, wood frame, upholstery and packing), Smith is great at finding problems and implementing effective solutions to make sure production runs smoothly, maintaining the Atlas standards.

Job Title: QC / 工厂质量控制
Mac Long / 龙训洪
Quality Control (CN)

Mac has been a QC with major international corporations. Mac has participated in new product development, reviewing and confirming the pre-production samples.

Mac has great communication skills, has an aptitude for problem-solving and putting in corrective action plans to prevent issues arising in the future.

Job Title: QC / 工厂质量控制

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