Here we present a list of links that form a part of our internal and outward-facing processes.

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Atlas System Links

Looking for Links To Atlas on the Web?Please click this link:

# URL Description
2 /bank-details/ Request Bank Details
3 /date/ Why we love ISO8601
4 /Q/ Log questions during meetings
5 /new-staff/ Join Atlas Today!
6 /new-guest/ Request a new O365 Guest Account
7 /org/ View the latest AFA Org Chart
8 /onboard/ New staff? Start here!
9 /wood-slats/ Countryside Slat System
10 /new-staff-wk1/ Finished your first week? Feedback!
11 /new-sup/ New Supplier? Start here!
12 /team/ Meet the AFA Team
13 /kin/ Next of Kin Emergency Form
14 /feedback/ Let us know how we did
15 /service/ Start a Customer Service Issue
16 /cap/ Update Supplier Capacity (QCs!)
17 /customer-information-form/ New Customer? Start Here!
18 /join/ Apply to join Atlas Furniture Asia today
19 /intro/ Latest Company Intro
20 /talent/ Talent Release Form (for actors & models)
21 /review-self/ Staff Performance – Self-review
22 /review-manager/ Manager Reviews Performance of direct report
23 /review-peer/ Anyone can review anyone in Atlas!