Job Description


The position of Compliance Assistant is “the product checker” Is responsibility to check that all products that we send meet all countries we work with national compliance standards.

To also ensure all materials used in the manufacturing of said product comply to the standards and are always up to date

Please note: Atlas is an English-speaking company. In case of discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions, the English version will take precedence.




DEPARTMENT: QA – Quality Assurance
部门: QA – 质管部

TEAM: QA – Quality Assurance
工作团队: QA – 质量保证

LEVEL: Assistant
级别: 助理

WORKING LOCATION: Atlas Furniture Asia China Head Office, Longgang, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
工作地点: 深圳总部

WORKING DAYS: 5 Days per week between Monday and Sunday (depending on workload)
工作日: 5天/星期

WORKING HOURS: 09:00 – 18:00
工作时间: 09:00 – 18:00

Job Accountabilities / Key Performance Indicators

  1. You must always be aware of and loyal to the Atlas brands and what they stand for and the work ethics of the company and style of work we do. Its mission & values, health & safety, discretion and loyalties disciplines always read the staff handbook etc.
  2. Daily check-in of on live location to report your positions both at the start and the end of the days.
  3. Always maintain total confidentiality.
  4. Track & monitor UKFR certification on all orders sold monthly
  5. Track Safety and other requirements per country and region
  6. To ensure all documentation relating to all products used are legal and in date
  7. To arrange for test to be done in reputable testing houses
  8. To keep company records filed electronically and manually where they should always be
  9. To make sure you visit the testing house and ensure you build relationships in the test house
  10. Visit the factories to ensure their documentation matches ours and they are keeping the records also
  11. Hold regular meetings with all QC staff to make sure they are aware of any changes in standards
  12. Liaise with the necessary Company staff to ensure everyone is aware of what is going on
  13. Never use or store any company work files in or on a private computer tablet phone or any other electronic or written documents or storage.
  14. All other work required by management

工作职责 / 主要绩效指标

  1. 必须始终意识到并忠诚于阿特拉斯品牌,以及它所代表的, 公司的工作道德和工作风格。它的使命和价值观,健康和安全,谨慎和忠诚纪律等,保持学习员工手册。
  2. 每日汇报地理位置, 开始和结束工作的时候。
  3. 始终对公司的工作保持保密。
  4. 跟踪监督每个月销售的所有订单是否有英标防火证书。
  5. 跟踪每个国家或者地区的安全要求和其他的要求。
  6. 确保所有关于产品的文件是合法的并保持更新。
  7. 安排到值得信赖的测试机构进行产品测试。
  8. 以电子或者手工的方式将记录存档。
  9. 确保拜访检测机构,和检测机构建立关系。
  10. 拜访工厂,确保工厂文件和我们的文件一致并归档。
  11. 定期和QC举行会议,确保我们QC知道最新标准的变化。
  12. 和公司的员工保持必要的联络,确保每一个员工都知道最新的变化。
  13. 在没有IT团队书面授权,不能在公司设备上安装任何软件。
  14. 上级领导交代的其他工作。

Related Procedures

  1. Raw Material Safety Certification Procedure
  2. Raw Material Sourcing & Tracking Procedure
  3. Raw Material Performance Testing Procedure
  4. Product Performance Testing Procedure
  5. Waste Management Procedure
  6. Membership Management Procedure


  1. 原材料安全证书程序
  2. 原材料采购与跟踪程序
  3. 原材料性能测试程序
  4. 产品性能测试
  5. 浪费管理程序
  6. 会员管理程序

Related Documents

  1. Staff handbook
  2. Weekly progress report
  3. Monthly management report
  4. Product matrix update report
  5. Waste packaging report
  6. EN747 P1 P2 test certificates
  7. EN1725 test certificates
  8. REACH test certificates
  9. BS5852 2006 P1 P2 test certificates
  10. BSCI registration form & report
  11. Piston checking report
  12. EUTR report
  13. Fabric light fast testing report
  14. Martindale Rub test report
  15. Metal Density & hardness check report
  16. Metal Parts weight testing report
  17. Bed dead weight & Drop test report
  18. All other necessary test certificates


  1. 员工手册
  2. 每周进展报告
  3. 每月管理报告
  4. 产品矩阵更新报告
  5. 包装材料报告
  6. EN747 P1 P2 测试证书
  7. EN1725 测试证书
  8. Reach 测试证书
  9. BS5852 2006 P1 P2 测试证书
  10. BSCI登记
  11. 气压棒检查报告
  12. EUTR 报告
  13. 布料光照测试报告
  14. 马丁代尔耐磨测试报告
  15. 钢铁的密度和硬度测试报告
  16. 钢铁配件重量测试报告
  17. 床的静压和冲击测试报告
  18. 其它需要的测试

Related Items

In addition to experience in the furniture industry (ideally beds / upholstery), we also require evidence of the following skills:

  1. Communication in Chinese (Mandarin & English)
  2. Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English.
  3. Computer literate (WeChat, Email, MS Windows and MS Office Online)
  4. Should exhibit effective communication skills and ability to work and interact with others.
  5. Experience living in in Asia and prepared to travel.
  6. Attention to detail
  7. Experience with document management (ISO:9001 preferred)
  8. Persuasiveness
  9. Problem Solving
  10. Organising and planning
  11. Numerical and statistical ability
  12. An aptitude for analysis
  13. Team-working



  1. 沟通能力(普通话和英文)
  2. 简练的英语口头和书面沟通能力。
  3. 熟悉电脑(微信,电子邮件,MS Windows和MS Office在线)
  4. 具备有效的沟通技巧和与他人合作的能力。
  5. 具备亚洲生活的经验,并可以出差。
  6. 注重细节
  7. 文件管理经验(ISO:9001)
  8. 说服能力
  9. 解决问题的能力
  10. 组织与计划能力
  11. 数据统计能力
  12. 分析能力
  13. 团队协作能力

How To Apply

Send your CV to: