Job Description


With quality at the core of who we are at Atlas Furniture Asia, the Quality Engineer is a key role in our business. Ensuring a strong, safe and easy-to-use product drives down returns, recalls and customer complaints, as well as raising customer and supplier satisfaction with working with us.

Our QEs are dedicated to self-development and presenting innovative ideas, upgrades and changes, whilst adhering strictly to the principles, processes and procedures that help us operate a well-oiled machine.

Please note: Atlas is an English-speaking company. In case of discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions, the English version will take precedence.


质量是阿特拉斯公司的核心, 质量工程师在我们业务中起到关键的角色。



DEPARTMENT: QA – Quality Assurance
部门: QA – 质管部

TEAM: QE – Quality Engineering
: QE

LEVEL: Staff
级别: 雇员

工作地点: 弹性(中国)

WORKING DAYS: 6 Days per week between Monday and Sunday (depending on workload)
工作日: 6天/星期

WORKING HOURS: 09:00 – 18:00
工作时间: 09:00 – 18:00

Job Accountabilities / Key Performance Indicators

  1. You must always be aware of and loyal to the Atlas brands and what they stand for and the work ethics of the company and style of work we do. Its mission & values, health & safety, discretion and loyalties disciplines always read the staff handbook etc.
  2. Daily check-in of your live location to report where you will be working, from what time and when you finish. (This helps us to help you, manage your time & location)
  3. Report your daily progress (Good and bad) with your manager
  4. Responsible for the engineering structure and workability of all products made for or by the Company, including all samples & raw materials used.
  5. Responsible for making out all documents necessary for the QC team to be able to QC to do full inspections on the product. (These are listed below)
  6. Weekly recorded Teams meetings (online, location independent) with all QC Staff, to introduce new products and any changes to current products, via formal documentation. These meetings are then published to Stream for management review.
  7. Must ensure the upkeep of all documents, line drawings, A.I., spec sheet, change request logs etc. on new product – all documents must be completed within 3 working days. Planner from Microsoft is available to help you track your work.
  8. Responsible for all new design sampling, structural design to meet all standards of safety, prepare samples for testing, whether EN1725, EN747, P1-P2, Sewing stress test etc.
  9. Oversee general on (production) line safety, no staples, correct and safe electrical components and upkeep of the tools the QC use in everyday life etc.
  10. Make sure when you’re in the factory and you see a working practice which is unsafe, tell our QC’s immediately to inform the factory, document the issue and alert the production manager immediately. Include this incident in your weekly report.
  11. Speak with the factories’ R&D team when new designs are given, to get the factory to start making samples, keeping all relevant parties well informed.
  12. Make sure the sample is finished including A.I., Spec sheets, any labelling etc. before QA does the final sign-off the new product, within a maximum of 5 working days.
  13. This is a 100% factory-based position, when no sampling work to be completed, check inline raw materials (I.Q.C.) going through to ensure sizes, quantities and quality are correct.
  14. Remain connected to Company communication systems during work hours and respond to requests within 1 hour. If you are going to be unreachable on a mobile phone, you will leave a landline number or alternative contact method with your supervisor in good time.
  15. Hold and / or present at regular meetings with vendor and internal teams, record and report.
  16. Update Job Knowledge ongoing, giving ideas and suggestions to your manager regularly.
  17. Report such components or practices that may create cost savings for both supplier and the company to your manager for consideration.
  18. Report any and all activity, discussions or knowledge as it relates to our company, our staff and / or our supply chain, even if you think it is not important. Abide by the honesty & anti-bribery policy.
  19. If you need to do more work than is required within your working hours, then a day-in-leu will be given, in writing, by your manager.
  20. If a sample is acquired by a customer a full set of reports are made picture record packing record a Spec sheet and where possible the filing electronically of the AI, the sample must be fully assembled by QE BEFORE the R & D team are allowed to do work on the sample
  21. Present a monthly ‘Sharp Item’ Policy report to management
  22. To submit all weekly expenses within 7 days of expenditure. (Late expenses will not be paid)
  23. Stand-in and help QC’s with workload as needed.
  24. Never use or store any company work files in or on a private computer tablet phone or any other electronic or written documents or storage.
  25. Any other task required by manager.

    工作职责 / 主要绩效指标

    1. 必须始终意识到并忠诚于阿特拉斯品牌,以及它所代表的, 公司的工作道德和工作风格。它的使命和价值观,健康和安全,谨慎和忠诚纪律等,保持学习员工手册。
    2. 每日向上级经理汇报工作地理位置,从工作开始的时间到工作结束时间。(这个有助于我们协助你管理好你的时间与行程)。
    3. 每日向上级经理汇报工作进度(好的和坏的)。
    4. 负责公司生产的或者为公司生产的所有产品的工程结构和工作性能,包括所有样品和所使用的原材料。
    5. 负责编制QC团队验货所需的所有文件以便于QC可以对产品做全面的检查。(下方有列出)
    6. 每周记录与QC人员的团队会议(在线,位置独立), 通过正式文件介绍新产品和当前产品的变化并发布会议到Stream。
    7. 确保新产品的线条图,安装说明书,规格表等文件的建档保存,并在3个工作日内完成。微软的工作计划功能有助于你跟进你的工作。
    8. 负责所有新样板的设计、结构设计、终端客户使用产品的安全性等。准备测试的样板, EN1725, EN747, P1-P2, 针车强度测试等。
    9. 监督(生产)线的安全,无订书钉,正确和安全的电气元件和QC日常使用的工具的维护等。
    10. 确保当你在工厂看到不安全的工作行为时,立即通知我们的QC去通知工厂,记录问题并立即警示生产经理。并在每周的的工作报告中汇报。
    11. 和工厂的研发团队及时沟通新样板的开发,让工厂开始安排新样板的生产。保持让所有的相关方及时得到更新。
    12. 确保在QA最后确认签字新产品前在5个工作日内完成安装说明书、规格表各种标签等。
    13. 这是一个100%以工厂为基础的职位,当没有样板工作进行时, 检查工厂的原材料(I.Q.C.) 确保尺寸和质量都是正确的。
    14. 在工作时间保持与公司通信系统的连接,并在1小时内响应请求。如果你的手机无法接通,请及时给你的上级留一个固定电话号码或其他联系方式。
    15. 开展或出席与供应商和内部团队的定期会议,记录并汇报。
    16. 持续学习新的工作知识,定期向经理提出意见和建议。
    17. 向上级汇报可能为供应商和公司节省成本的部件或做法,供其考虑。
    18. 汇报任何与公司、员工和/或供应链相关的活动、讨论或知识,即使你认为这并不重要。遵守诚实和反贿赂制度。
    19. 如果你需要做的工作在规定的时间内超额,经上级经理书面同意,可以安排调休。
    20. 如果样板是客户提供的,在研发团队开始对样板进行工作以前,必须先完成一份完整的样板报告,包含图片记录, 包装记录,规格表,电子版安装说明书,QE组装样板。
    21. 每月向上级经理提交 “尖锐品” 制度报告。
    22. 每个星期提交近7天的费用报销单。(逾期不候)
    23. 根据需要协助QC的工作.
    24. 在没有IT团队书面授权,不能在公司设备上安装任何软件。
    25. 上级交代的其他工作。

    Job Requirements

    1. To make out all necessary reports within company guidelines
    2. To keep fully updated spec sheets, line drawings & Assembly Instructions and report progress monthly
    3. Report weekly with a full update of any new AI completed and signed off
    4. Finalise all documents within 5 working days of a sample being completed
    5. Keep good time keeping
    6. Hold Monthly meetings with all QC staff and management
    7. Work with QC Manager to upgrade policies, procedures and documents on-going


    1. 在公司的指导方针下完成所有必须的报告。
    2. 持续规格表,线条图,安装说明书等并每月汇报进度。
    3. 每周汇报更新完成的安装说明书。
    4. 样板完成5个工作日内完成所有的文件。
    5. 守时。
    6. 每月与QC和经理开展会议。
    7. 与QC经理一起更新公司的政策、程序和文件

    Related Documents

    1. Staff Handbook
    2. Expense reimbursement policy & form
    3. Quality policy
    4. Sample request document
    5. Weekly QE meeting report
    6. Monthly QC meeting report
    7. Monthly QC managers meeting report
    8. Monthly supplier meeting reports
    9. Sample report
    10. Spec sheets
    11. BOM With cost
    12. Sample AI
    13. Packing report
    14. Drop test report
    15. Waste packaging report for sample
    16. Container Loading Report
    17. EUTR On the Factory sample
    18. Product Change request log


    1. 员工手册
    2. 费用报销制度和表格
    3. 质量方针
    4. 样板订单文件
    5. QE每周会议报告
    6. QC每月会议报告
    7. QC 经理每月会议报告
    8. 供应商每月会议报告
    9. 样板报告
    10. 规格表
    11. 物料表含成本
    12. 安装说明书样本
    13. 包装报告
    14. 防摔测试报告
    15. 包装材料的报告
    16. 装柜报告
    17. EUTR模板
    18. 产品更改记录

    Tools Required

    (This list has also been published here:

    1. High-quality moisture metre
    2. Callipers to check thickness*
    3. Laptop
    4. Book and pencil – NEVER Attend any meeting without these
    5. Portable hardness metal detector to check steel*
    6. 1-meter steel rule for checking overall levels*
    7. Steel 5 metre Tape measure including metric & Imperial measurements
    8. Angle-izer template tool by Anteco
    9. Set of fabric samples signed by the QC manager and the factory at the beginning of the 1st production A4 size and kept in a transparent Plastic folder
    10. Good phone with high quality camera definition
    11. Stickers – Red & white arrows
    12. Chalk / Fabric pen
    13. Suitcase / computer case

    * Please note: Some of these items may be restricted for travel on public transport.



    1. 高精确的水分测试仪
    2. 卡尺
    3. 笔记本电脑
    4. 笔记本和笔——参加任何会议的必须品
    5. 便携式金属硬度检测仪
    6. 1米的钢尺
    7. 5米的钢卷尺,含公制和英制。
    8. Anteco角化器模板工具
    9. 由QC经理和工厂在第一次生产时签署的一套面料样品, A4大小,并保存在透明的塑料文件夹中。
    10. 手机带有清晰的拍照功能。
    11. 标签纸——红白箭头
    12. 粉笔或者布料笔
    13. 行李箱/电脑包

    提示: 有些工具乘坐公共交通工具时受到限制。

    Related Items

    In addition to experience in the furniture industry (ideally beds / upholstery), we also require evidence of the following skills:

    1. Communication in Chinese (Mandarin & English)
    2. Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English.
    3. Computer literate (WeChat, Email, MS Windows and MS Office Online)
    4. Should exhibit effective communication skills and ability to work and interact with others.
    5. Experience living in in Asia and prepared to travel.
    6. Persuasiveness
    7. Problem Solving
    8. Organising and planning
    9. Numerical and statistical ability
    10. An aptitude for analysis
    11. Team-working
    12. Appreciation of other work disciplines, such as engineering and science.



    1. 沟通能力(普通话和英文)
    2. 简练的英语口头和书面沟通能力。
    3. 熟悉电脑(微信,电子邮件,MS Windows和MS Office在线)
    4. 具备有效的沟通技巧和与他人合作的能力。
    5. 具备亚洲生活的经验,并可以出差。
    6. 说服能力
    7. 解决问题的能力
    8. 组织与计划能力
    9. 数据统计能力
    10. 分析能力
    11. 团队协作能力
    12. 其他工作学科的欣赏,如工程和科学

    How To Apply

    Send your CV to: