Upgrades to Atlas Service

Starting April 2020, we launched our upgraded Customer Service Issues system, in order to better handle any questions, problems or issues our customers (or even their customers!) might have with our products.

In our experience, issues arise due to a small number of reasons, mainly:

  1. Manufacturing issues
  2. Assembly & Installation problems
  3. Supply issues
  4. Administration issues

(We discuss each of these options in greater details below)

New Customer Service Manager

We appointed a brand new Customer Service Manager to handle any incoming enquiries, not only reducing pressure from your Account Manager (who handles all order following, as well as supplier relations), but to reduce the turnaround time from registering your issue with us and us reaching a resolution.

We ask that you no longer send Customer Service Requests to your appointed Account Manager, instead send it to Service@AtlasFurnitureAsia.com, where our Customer Service Team will respond to you within 48 hours (usually within 24 hours) – (they are based in China on GMT +08:00, please note).

Service Request Form

Whilst 99% of the time, a client sends us photos and / or service reports that contain sufficient information for us to handle any issues quickly, if you have missed anything, we will request that you complete this form, in order to submit all of the necessary details.

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Want To Leave Us Feedback?

We always welcome the chance to improve how we serve you. If you have feedback you’d like to pass to our Board of Directors, please complete the short form at www.AtlasFurnitureAsia.com/feedback

Types Of Customer Service Issues

Manufacturing Issues

Issues with manufacturing result in us updating either documentation of product design, updating training of staff, or replacing products or parts.

Assembly & Installation Problems

When challenges arise with assembly and installation, we try our very best to help you to better train your installation engineers and customers. This may be by way of providing reports and training videos, by visiting your store to directly share our knowledge and experience with your staff, or update the assembly instructions that ship with our products.

Supply Issues

When third-parties, such as logistics or sub-suppliers experience challenges, we try our very best to help our customers get what they need in the shortest time possible.

Administration Issues

We are constantly upgrading our systems to reduce errors or ommissions in paperwork, documentation or communication. Updates to our policies, procedures and forms like the one we present here, continue to improve our performance, whilst freeing us to better serve our customers.