Double Happiness with Double Birth

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Double-happiness with double birth, as China and Vietnam Families grow

Atlas Furniture Asia would like to extend a warm congratulations to QA Team Leader Henry Le Thanh in Vietnam, and William Wu in China, who both celebrated the birthday of their second child this month.


Born in the early hours of 11/11, Henry’s son Lê Bảo Duy weighed 3.6 kg at birth and breaks a strong tradition of girls in the family.


Henry’s Son, born 11/11


Henry spoke about the support he received from Atlas since he joined our company, saying: “I would like to thank Mr & Mrs Brobyn and the other leaders at Atlas, as well as all my colleagues across the world.”

He continued: “I can care for my family when I have a stable job. And to have a stable job, I want to be part of a growing company, which Atlas is. Therefore, my plan is to continue to push for the scalable growth of Atlas Furniture Asia, to ultimately fulfil my passion to be the best father I can be”

Born 2 days and almost exactly 23 hours later, over in Shenzhen, China, William’s daughter (who, in accordance with Chinese tradition, has yet to be named), was a healthy 2.75 kg.

William’s daughter, born 11/14

No strangers to fatherhood, these two kind and caring men are thrilled to be caring for their wives and families at this time.


Please join us in sending them our heart-felt congratulations and wish them and their families every happiness, as they grow, together.


It is our dream that these 2 new additions to the extended Atlas family may one day meet and listen to stories of how their fathers have helped our company so much, in 2 different roles, in 2 different countries, at the same time.


The gift of a new birth reminds us that we have so much to live for, so much to hope for and so much to fight for.


Congratulations, Henry & William!