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Over the years, we have developed an effective method of cataloging the huge range of products we produce, as soon as a sample is approved by the client.

By handling photography as a client service in our factories, you get the highest-quality product photographs before the goods even have the chance to hit the water.

This means that our customers get the chance to prepare their marketing and online efforts in good time, enabling them to design product launches, prepare promotional media, update website product listings and train their sales staff.

Here, we present our photography service with stunning photos produced by Atlas Furniture Asia, to demonstrate the quality of images available with each container of goods ordered from us.

‘Beauty Shot’

The ‘Beauty Shot’ is the ultimate seller – it is the image that helps an end-user visualise the bed in their home.

Footboard & Foot Options

Fabric Close-up

A popular additional image in the photo pack, this image allows the customer the chance to epxerience the touch and feel of the product before they can actually get their hands on the bed.

Headboard Detail

This is the feeling the customer gets, right before they climb into their new bed. Give them the feeling of preparing to start their perfect nights’ rest with this beautiful photo.

Headboard Close-up

Enjoy the masterful detail of the stitching and (on this model), the stunning mirror inlay around the headboard.

This close-up allows the customer to get a good feel for the overal quality of the product.

Front View

Popular with interior designers and those with an eye for detail – this shot allows the customer to see what the bed would look like alongside the surrounding environment.

Full Frame

Ideal for training, user intructions and explaining any other features of the bed (such as drawers, or gas-lift storage), this image shows the complete product without any extras, such as the mattress or beding.

Time For Bed!

Bested only by the ‘beauty shot’, this fully dressed, full frame showcases the bed in all its glory on a plain white background.

Feet Options

Side Shot

See the thickness of the headboard, understand the clearance of the siderails off the floor, see the bed from another angle and prepare for the perfect night’s sleep.

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