Seeking New Manufacturing Partners

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Huge Success in 2020

Before we begin, allow us to clarify – we are an agent. We are the bridge between South-east Asia and the rest of the wholesale furniture industry. What makes us so good at what we do is (amongst other things), English-speaking staff (many of whom are native Brits), long-term, trusting relationships with our manufacturing partners (who we often refer to as ‘our factories’ because that’s how closely we work with them) and a deep trust and understanding of the needs of our customers.

At the time of writing, we have over 20 manufacturing partners in 3 countries (China, Viet Nam & Malaysia) producing the wide range of products you see on our website:

Supply Chain Fast Facts

As a total supply chain, here are some fast facts:

  • Production space: 439,000 m2
  • Total Staff: 3,500
  • Total group turnover: $170m+ USD
  • Monthly 40’ HQ Containers: 390
  • Standard Lead-time: 30 – 60 days

A Bright Outlook for 2021

Despite this huge manufacturing power behind Atlas, our business has grown 150% in the past 12 months and as such, we need to add even more high-quality factories to our line-up to fulfil the excellent sales pipeline we are working with for 2021 and beyond.

Part of our sales strategy has been to work with high-growth wholesalers and 2020 solidified many of our clients’ spaces in this exciting market as they tackled paradigm shifts and moved from bricks & mortar to online retail and watched sales explode.

These clients are ordering on 6-12 month order programs in order to book production slots in our factories on very stable order books.

Invitation: Join the AFA Supply Group Today

We are asking any factories who think they’ve got what it takes to be an Atlas Furniture Asia supplier to complete our New Supplier Details form and sign our NDA, so we can start our new supplier on-boarding process with you. Start at

  1. New Supplier On-Boarding Process
  2. Factory signs Atlas Furniture Asia NDA
  3. Factory completes New Supplier Details form
  4. Atlas Furniture Asia management review (go / no-go)
  5. If successful, AFA sends factory product pack* for quotation (see below)
  6. If the quotation is accepted, we will send you the order schedule for confirmation
  7. Sampling / Pre-production
  8. Production
  9. 1-month review
  10. 6-month review

* Product Pack

Once under NDA, we will provide you with a sample product for pricing and the following documents:

  1. High-resolution photos
  2. 2D Technical Line Drawing
  3. 3D Part files
  4. Assembly Instructions
  5. Technical Specification Sheet (‘Spec Sheet’)
  6. Price Quotation Sheet
  7. Order Forecast

We also invite you to send us your factory presentation at

We look forward to hearing from you and learning all about how we can work together!

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Peter M. Brobyn,
Director (APAC), Atlas Furniture Asia