OEM Product Design & Development

  • Innovative packing and construction methods result in highest ‘load-ability’ in the market
  • Experienced design in-house team allows for rapid prototype production
  • Sustainable and economic material selection for the right balance between eco-friendliness and maximum profitability
  • Country-specific design considerations according to your local market regulations & requirements


  • We work with a network of leading factories in China
  • We include our full range of services to delivery a trouble-free product at a very competitive price level
  • Our value proposition is middle to mass-market
  • Due to our high volumes and strong local relationships, we can beat the prices of those working direct with the factories.

Quality Control

  • 100% inspection, zero complaints on many products
  • QC Inspection Reports with full compliance and documentation as required on a per-country basis
  • Our experienced, on-the-ground QC Engineers enable rapid response anywhere in South-east Asia


  • If you have a problem, let us help!
  • Consistent quality issues?
  • Creative and innovative Western-thinking solutions to China manufacturing challenges

Compliance & Testing

  • All fabrics & materials are tested according to local market regs & reqs.
  • Fully documented testing and compliance
  • Our job is 90% detective work. Factories are (understandably) dedicated to reducing costs anywhere possible, however at times it may be at the detriment of the quality or safety of the product. Our role is to both discover any of these threats, whilst helping factories to find legitimate ways to reduce costs and maximise profitability.


  • Recommended shipping companies
  • Incoterms meanings (coming soon)

Education / Consulting

We are renowned for sharing our wealth of knowledge across a huge range of subjects as it relates to beds and bedroom furniture, particular those items sourced in Asia and sold into the UK, USD, European and Australia markets.