How did you do and how did we do?

Staff appraisals help us work out how you’re doing and if there’s anything we can do to help you improve.

Here are some quick links to some important forms:

  1. NEW STAFF WEEK 1 – complete this form at the end of your first week working with us!
  2. SELF REVIEW – A member of staff can complete this form any time they want to submit a self-review
  3. MANAGER REVIEW – Do you want to review someone who works for you? Please use this form.
  4. PEER REVIEW – Want to review someone who doesn’t work for you and isn’t yourself? Please use this form

Where are the results?

The results are accessible in Teams > HR – Human Resources (for members of that team ONLY)

If managers need copies of their staff appraisal forms, please:

  1. Ask your team members to fill out the forms using the links above
  2. Ask your team members to let you know when they have completed the form
  3. Ask HR to send you the reports once they have notified you that the form has been submitted