State of Play from Peter M. Brobyn, 2020-06

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Dear valued Atlas Furniture Asia Customer,


We were fortunate enough to camp out at our interim Operations outpost, here in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand, where my wife, ‘Da’, originally comes from. Having recently upgraded our internal systems, we were able to launch a remote office within a relatively short space of time and continue operations, whilst we eagerly awaiting the return of the West.

It’s fantastic to see so many of you are contacting us to either request pricing, or to place new orders, so many of you have started to run out of stock due to your online sales holding up and most showing record online sales, whilst in lockdown. Our manufacturing partners are now enjoying record-highs of production but because of the work we have done in the downtime, we have increased every factory’s production by at least 50% to anticipate your return to business.

Talk to us today to avoid long lead times

For those of you still gearing up to return to “the new normal” (to use a rather overused term), we urge you to start talking to us today about any requirements you think you will have in the coming weeks and months, as our manufacturing partners are under orders to operate a strict First-In First-Out (FIFO) order management protocol, enabling us to set and honour delivery schedules.

Don’t leave this too late, as we are expecting the usual seasonal pressures to come up in the following weeks & months (online promotions and festive holidays, including Chinese New Year), so do make sure you’ve talked to us in sufficient time to get you’re your products when and wherever you need them.

New Company Introduction

For those not entirely familiar with Atlas Furniture Asia, or those looking for a post-quarantine refresher, please find a copy of our recently updated Customer Company Introduction here:

Coming Soon: Stunning Wooden Beds

The most comprehensive range of wood beds ever launched – over 80 new models, all packed in to one collection.

Talk to Atlas Today

As always, I am always here, even if just for a catch-up and re-alignment of where things are for your organisation, and how Atlas can best serve you moving forward. We are excited to help get the furniture industry back up to pace and we thank you for your ongoing support and understanding. Call or email me, or your Account Manager, to discuss anything you like.

Once we can travel back home to China, we will arrange a trip to come and see anyone who wants to see us to discuss how we can help them increase their business.

We will be in UK in September and are happy to come and see you – we want your business

Best wishes,

Peter M Brobyn
Director, APAC

Atlas Furniture Asia
+86 135 3325 2540 (mob)
+86 755 8486 1547 (office)
Room 313 Hongdu Building, No. 3002 Longgang Road, Jixiang, Longgang, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China 518172