Supplier Honesty Agreement / 供应商诚信协议

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We are pleased to launch our updated 2020 Supplier Honesty Agreement.

The agreement is designed to cover the daily operational business process (including, but not limited to material / services purchasing, product transportation, technical services, quality reviews, sales contract negotiations and other related company transactions), such that no undesirable behaviour (including, but not limited to private rebates, gifts and other benefits to any Atlas employees) will take place without clearly defined and very serious consequences being expected, as a result.

“Atlas is committed to having a good ethical business relationship with the Supplier, its employees (and any sub-contractors, consultants or partners engaged in the fulfilment of Atlas contracts / orders), based on honest, open communication.

Atlas致力于与供应商及其员工(以及任何从事履行Atlas合同/订单的分包商、顾问或合作伙伴) 在诚实、公开的基础上,建立良好的商业道德关系。”

To view the Agreement, please see below, download it directly or contact your Account Manager today.


All Atlas suppliers will need to sign our Supplier Honesty Agreement before working with us.