UK Showroom – Royal Ordnance Depot, Weedon Bec

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Atlas is pleased to announce the opening of our UK showroom, displaying some of the best products from our world supply chain, located in the geographic centre of England, making it easy for any one in the UK or Ireland to visit us!

Atlas Furniture Asia UK Showroom, Building 17, Royal Ordnance Depot, Weedon Bec

Peter Brobyn, founder of Atlas Furniture Asia was at the opening to oversee layout of the products and ensure the offices were up to his standards.

“With over 40 years in retail merchandising and running furniture showrooms, I had a very clear vision for how I wanted to present our products”, Peter said. He continued “having been on that side of the industry for so long, we know what our buyers want. They want to see as many products in one room and be able to understand all the options available to them, in order to get the right product for their market.”

The Atlas Furniture Asia UK Showroom is currently open by appointment only, for trade buyers.

Please contact your account manager, or contact us via our website to book a time to come and visit us.